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In addition to our hugely successful online petition we’re collecting signatures for a petition to be presented to the Victorian Parliament. Advice we’ve received suggests that a handwritten petition will carry a huge amount of weight, so we’re asking you all to help us out again.


Please download and print the PDF, sign it, collect some extra signatures if you can, then post (don’t scan and email) the page or hand deliver it to someone from the PWEP team.

Alternatively you can sign the petition at many shops in Port Campbell including 12 Rocks, Port Campbell Trading Co. and Spence Australia.

The petition pages MUST be delivered to us by FRIDAY JANUARY 31.


Hand Deliver;

Spence Australia (Cairns Street) or Port Campbell Trading Co. (Lord Street) in Port Campbell.



Bill O’Shea

c/o Port Campbell Post Office

Port Campbell

Vic 3269


Thanks to everyone who has signed the online petition. It has gained some serious momentum and shows just how many people care about the Princetown Estuary. It’s still going, and can be seen and signed here.


Thank you!

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