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Today representatives of Princetown and it's surrounding communities held a peaceful protest to stop the Princetown Wetlands developers from trespassing on Crown Recreation Reserve land, as per the conditions of their permit. The developers have had 4 years to build their own access to the site but haven't as it is on a flooding wetland.

After lunch the developers returned, sped past the protestors into the Princetown Rec Reserve Camping area, illegally cut and smashed through the back council fence to enter their property so they could start "building" to get an extension to their current planning permit which expires this weekend. Local police escorted the developers off the property, however this is not over. 

Other than disrespecting the local community and damaging a council structure, they have ignored permit conditions that ensure proper assessments of risks to life, property and the environment.

We will be back at the Princetown Rec Reserve to continue the peaceful protest tomorrow. 

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